More Chuck Norris. Rated.

December 31, 2005

More Chuck Norris.  (some of these you may have already seen, but still interesting to see the top rated Chuck Norris facts).


Chuck Norris & Courage

December 30, 2005

Another Chuck Norris fact.  That’s right, fact.

Lewis Black vs. Chuck Norris

December 30, 2005

Chuck Norris went to school for a degree in Chuck Norris
Lewis Black didn’t go to school, but if he did I’m sure he could have also gotten a degree in Chuck Norris.  However is Chuck Norris able to whoop George W with his linguistic gymnastics?  Advantage: Black.

This is pretty cool.  Sorry I forgot which blog I first found it on… so can’t credit.

WTF: Are you kidding me???

December 29, 2005

Are you freaking kidding me?  AP: U.S. Teen Runs Off to Iraq by Himself
might need to call in Chuck Norris again.

Chuck Norris kicks some serious ass.  If you didn’t know, now you know… (and knowing is half the battle). 

If you still don’t believe me, go see the credits to Dodgeball: A True underdog story.