Okay I’m posting this for the second time because it ate my post the first time.  Which sucks.  Anyway I just saw the new trailer for X-Men III which is coming shortly… it looks to kick some hard serious arse.  One of the reasons X-Men has been so well done is Patrick Stewart was perfectly cast as Professor Xavier.  The strength of character and gravitas this man brings to the screen is unreal.  Just listening to his voiceover gives you goose bumps.  I’ve admired his acting chops from the ST:TNG days, I just happened to catch an episode yesterday (after a couple of years) and it brought back some memories.  If you want to see some real acting, you need to check out “Chain of Command”, a two part episode (more here and here).  This was when Picard was kidnapped and tortured, it almost didn’t seem like Star Trek anymore, it was so evil. 

Anyway I digress, see the new trailer here:



Munich: A Review

December 30, 2005

This movie doesn’t suck for some parts but sucks gorilla testes for others.  The Isrealis are complaining that its not accurate; the terrorists are complaining of the same thing.  What gives Spielberg?  You can do better.  The silliness gets really rediculous near the end when the conflicted hitman having “maritial relations” with his wife is intercut with the atheletes being killed during the Olympics.  WTF?  To see a good movie about what actually happened (at the Olympics, not afterwards), go see One day in September.